Get familiar with Uusikaupunki

A town full of activities

Uusikaupunki, a 400-year-old town with close to 16,000 inhabitants, is surrounded by the sea and filled to the brim with things to see and do all year. You can feel the touch of the sea breeze on the streets and alleyways lined with hundreds of old wooden houses. Interesting sights and events, various boutiques and a range of activities can all be found nearby.

Uniquely Uusikaupunki

The summer season starts off with the large Minifarm & Flower Fair event on May 19-20. The renewed Merefesti is held on June 8-9. The 20th Nopperla Antique Fair will take place on July 14-15.Finnish top artists will be performing at Karjurock on July 19-21. The international Crusell Music Festival from July 28 to August 4 brings friends of music into town. Tul toril themed market events are organised on summer Saturdays, and the evening markets of Pakkahuone on summer Wednesdays are a must see. Myllymuori celebrates her birthday by organising adventure trips for children in July. The town trolley will once again take you around the town centre, and guided tours will be held in July on Wednesdays at 2 pm.

At the historic Wahlberg’s house museum, you can reminisce on your youth at the exhibition on youth pastimes from the 1950s to the 1990s. At the Uusikaupunki Automobile Museum there is plenty to see in three large exhibition halls. At the Bonk museum, you will be introduced to exceptional inventions and defunctioned machinery. Art House Pilvilinna is naivistic artist Raija Nokkala and her husband Pentti Nokkala’s colourful and memorable naivistic art house on the seaside – the only one of its kind in Finland. The attractions and events also have something for the children.

More sea activities than ever before

The Kaupunginlahti bay with its newly renovated boulevards calls visitors to the seaside. There you will also find the popular Pakkahuone guest harbour. If you wish to head out to sea, there are more options for different kinds of themed cruises than ever before. On the galley Olga you can head to the Katanpää fort island, and children can enjoy fun pirate cruises. On the atmospheric M/S Kerttu, you can choose between cruises to the Isokari lighthouse as well as birdwatching trips, seal safaris, guided mini-cruises, exciting Prohibition-themed cruises or the super-popular Thursday quizzes. Get to know the history of the surrounding archipelago on the Three straits cruise on Tiftö V. Alternatively, gaze at the moon on Tiftö’s moonlight cruises, or relax on sauna cruises. The Velhovesi ring route is a route of bridges across the island that takes to the midst of the most beautiful archipelago without having to bother about boats or ferry timetables.

Below are two TOP 3 lists of the best things about Uusikaupunki, written by one former inhabitant and one new inhabitant to the town:


Fanny – a new resident

During 2017, the population of Uusikaupunki increased by about 500. One of the new residents is 21-year-old Fanny Salomaa, who moved to Uusikaupunki from Eura. Many people came to Uusikaupunki because of the car factory’s recruitment campaign, but Fanny’s reason for relocating was love.

When her boyfriend came to play basketball in the local team, Korihait, Fanny followed. At the same time she started playing basketball herself, and she is now a member of the Korihait women’s team as well as the Tätihait team. Fanny attends evening classes in the local upper secondary school, and for the time being she still works in her old home town Eura. Even though this means a lot of driving back and forth, Fanny has enjoyed her new home town immensely. 

1. The sea and the Isokari lighthouse island. I’ve  always loved the sea, but I was especially impressed by a cruise on M/S Kerttu to the Isokari lighthouse island last summer. The sea views, the nature and history of the archipelago, the sheep and the wonderful view from the top of the lighthouse were unforgettable. 

2. Pohitulli sports hall. The home court of the Korihait team, it has an incredible fighting atmosphere. During league matches, I cheer on the team in the audience, but my own home matches are usually also played at Pohitulli, which is a very encouraging place.

3. Art House Pilvilinna. In a get-together organised for new residents, I was told that Uusikaupunki has an active scene for amateur theatre. I got to join the Lentävä Lokki theatre group led by Raija and Pentti Nokkala, and we have started rehearsing at the wonderful Art House Pilvilinna owned by Raija and Pena. The house is a real fairy-tale castle and right by the sea. I already fell in love with the house when I visited it during the summer.



Sami – a child of Uusikaupunki

Radio and TV host Sami Kuronen, who is known for example as a presenter on Radio Suomipop as well as the host of Temptation Island Finland, was born and raised in Uusikaupunki.

Sami’s radio career began at the age of 15 at the end of the 1980s, when he attended a radio assistant course held at the local youth club. Soon after the course he was employed by Radio Majakka. In the mid-1990s he moved away from Uusikaupunki first to Turku, where he spent the next ten years. The past 11 years Sami has been working on national radio and television.

1. The Pakkahuone café and their freshly baked, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts are pretty much a classic. This pairing is something that’s probably a part of every resident’s summer, and the guest harbour has made the café known across the country by the many tourists that frequent it, too. This is why it’s so natural to meet up with old friends at Pakkahuone.

2. Merefesti. Uusikaupunki is one of those small towns that comes alive during the summer. Merefesti was already one of the main events of the summer more than 20 years ago when I still lived there. It’s a brilliant way to open the summer season, and this is when the last of the townsfolk show up from their winter slumber. The festival provides a great opportunity to see a lot of new faces and, more importantly, old friends.

3. The Kaupunginlahti bayside. Even though the bay’s nickname, Pasklahti (which refers to the bay’s former use as a sewage dump), doesn’t seem very attractive, the bayside boulevard starting from the Sorvakko bridge is spectacular. The old storehouses with their restaurants are the heart of the town, especially during the summer season, and the evening sun makes the place feel positively Central European.